What is a medical alert system?

What is a medical alert system? According to statistics released by the Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, as of July 11, 2021, the global population is between 7.5 billion and 7.6 billion (that is, more than 7.5 billion people). Among them, 60 years old and The above population is estimated to be approximately 962 million, accounting for approximately 12.8% of the global population. It is estimated that by 2050, the global population will reach 9.8 billion, of which about 3.1 billion people aged 60 and above.

What is a medical alert system?

However, the current life of the elderly is unsatisfactory.

With the changes in the social family structure, there are more and more “empty nest families”, and the services of the elderly cannot be guaranteed, especially when they encounter physical discomfort, emergency calls for help, etc., helplessness will become the biggest life obstacle W. As the health level and self-care ability of the elderly decrease with age, the life of the elderly is inconvenient, which greatly affects the quality of life of the elderly themselves.

With the advent of the information society, the country’s vigorous promotion in the elderly care industry, relying on the rapid development of electronic forgetting technology such as smart terminal equipment, the intelligent elderly care call system came into being, which solved the elderly care problem to a certain extent.

What is a medical alert system?

Introduction to the status quo of medical alert system

The medical alert system is a kind of communication equipment that provides simple information exchange by electronic means. There are wireless pagers and wired pagers. At present, most of them are wireless pagers. The wireless pager provides wireless pager prompts to know that a fixed point is calling a certain place. It has functions such as service call, internal dispatch, service quality monitoring, wireless positioning, and wireless alarm. It is the best choice for wireless informatization in the service industry.

From the product technology point of view, wireless pagers are divided into frequency modulation technology and amplitude modulation technology, and wireless pagers with FM technology are more advanced. Although wireless pagers using AM technology are low in price, they have many disadvantages. As the call system is used more and more widely, callers are used in different fields such as administrative offices, banks, catering services, supermarket chains, medical care, and elderly care, and factory kings, and their functions are also increasing.

The wireless medical alert system seniors are developed based on wired pagers. The most common wired pagers include the bed pager in the oral consultation department, the elevator help button L:X, and the emergency alarm button in public places, etc., which are not only simple to operate but also efficient. However, the wired pager not only requires wiring, but also the construction is cumbersome and the cost is low, so it cannot be widely used. There are products only when there is demand, and all wireless pagers are generated from this.

What is a medical alert system?

(1) Amplitude modulation analog wireless pager

The previous wireless pagers mainly used AM technology similar to wireless mouth bells, with only improvements in appearance and receiving end. Although adjust

The technical cost of the frame is low, the production is simple, but the signal is unstable, easy to interfere with, and is not suitable for large-scale wireless networking, so the previous wireless pagers are only used in smaller places. Because the AM technology is simple to operate, it is suitable for small businesses and DIY, so there are many pager companies with AM technology, such as 99 roads, passenger bell, red bell, etc.

(2) FM digital wireless pager

With the progress of the times, the paper industry is also developing rapidly. The pager is needed by more and more places, and its functional requirements are not limited to finding people. During this period, some wireless pager companies (such as multi-mouthed cats) used FM technology and manufactured a variety of pagers such as dispatching wireless pagers, multi-button wireless pagers, smart wireless pagers, and waterproof wireless pagers. And handheld wireless pagers, etc. However, there are still products such as bank pagers and check-out pagers launched for other industries, as well as a variety of receiving end products, not only the simplest LED screen pagers but also watches Type information machines and portable digital information machines. In order to meet the needs of management, babble cats took the lead in launching call supervision and management software. The wireless pager system, as a data receiving and sending platform f73 for wireless calling data, can not only be used alone, but also can be combined with the ordering system W, the management system W of some catering companies, and hotel management software. Due to the large investment in equipment produced by the FM wireless pager system, and the relatively high cost, up to now only the radio pagers of the Polecat brand in my country use FM technology, and similar product brands such as Wirlestec and LRSW abroad all use FM technology.

What is a medical alert system?

(3) Spread spectrum frequency hopping intelligent wireless pager system

As the area of ​​the wireless pager system becomes larger and larger, from a coffee shop with a few seats at the beginning, to a few floors, and even now a few buildings, factories, hotels, large leisure, and entertainment venues, and other users, LED screens Has been unable to meet the needs of users, in this type of venue
The mobile receiving terminal is more practical.

The characteristic of the wireless pager system is that the mobile receiving terminal is easy to carry, and can realize all Chinese thinking and digital display. The first company to launch an FM wireless medical call system is Polecat. The anti-interference ability of FM products is stronger than that of banners, and the transmission effect is more stable. The products of Plymouth Cat can be applied to all kinds of places. The products of babble cats are different from traditional wireless pagers. The traditional “wireless pagers” all use the one-way transmission of the banner and amplitude modulation technology in the 1980s and 1990s. The FM and amplitude modulation technology are just like the known wireless mouth bell—just a simple one. Sending and receiving functions only. The Cat’s product is the most advanced two-way spread spectrum frequency hopping technology at present. It is precise because the use of many advanced functions of the radio calling system UU has always been at the forefront of the industry. Sending is the reason why other “wireless pager” products UU are so difficult to achieve.

The intelligent digital elderly wireless calling system developed by this subject belongs to the new generation of intelligent wireless calling platform fW.
Intelligent wireless call data is transmitted based on wireless (WIFI) technology, and the mobile terminal uses the Android intelligent system to provide rich functions.

1.3 Medical alert system introduction
1.3.1 Medical alert system description
The physical hardware deployment of the system is as follows: the deployment of wireless base stations is used to construct a community dedicated local area network for all data transmission;

The user terminal is a tablet computer based on the rewritten Android system; the administrator terminal is a PC-body computer, which is deployed in the oral clinic, duty room, and motorcade; the central station, the computer room, stores the system server.

1.3.2 Medical alert system Function description
According to the user group survey 1_1 and the collected demand analysis, our products will be developed mainly around the realization of the following functions:

(1) Medical alert system

Emergency call: The smart terminal of the smart digital elderly wireless call system has an emergency call button when the user needs medical assistance, only

Click the button to make a medical call, so that the doctor can make a constant response the first time.

Voice call: Users and oral clinics can make voice calls through their respective terminals.

Browsing records: Users can also view their own medical records, medication records, and other information through the smart terminal.

Information push: The energy terminal will also remind the user to take medicine on time and have a physical examination based on the time W and the information provided by the doctor.

(2) Community management

Voice call: The duty room and the team can communicate with the user through the terminal.

Information release: When the elderly community needs to send notifications and various information to users, the administrator only needs to log in to the duty room extension, fill in the information and send it, and the information will be automatically delivered to each client.

Device management: It mainly includes functions such as administrator login and user management. User management includes general user personal information, adding and deleting users, etc.

(3) Entertainment function

Media playback; smart digital elderly wireless call system can also have other more daily applications. In order to enhance the user experience and increase entertainment, based on the Android system, it provides opera and opera playing modules.

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