What is the elderly fall detection alarm system?

Intelligent elderly care Internet of Things applications, in elderly care institutions and elderly homes, provide services such as elderly positioning assistance, elderly fall automatic detection, elderly bedridden monitoring, elderly dementia prevention, elderly behavior intelligent analysis, self-service physical examination, exercise measurement evaluation, and other services. At present, Luyang Le Nian Home for the Elderly has begun to practice, and the intelligent room is equipped with wireless door and window magnetic sensors, wireless cloud smart locks for doors, wireless electric curtains, wireless infrared intrusion detectors, etc. Technology and equipment make the life of the elderly safe and convenient.

What is the elderly fall detection alarm system? There are two models, A and B, with positioning function, electronic fence function, passive calling function, dynamic tracking function and added SMS receiving function, flashlight, radio, and mobile phone functions.

elderly fall detection alarm system

Life sensing device

This device uses modern electronic technology and communication technology to determine whether there are people at home through infrared monitoring of the human body; records the monitored active human infrared rays and analyzes the records to determine whether the elderly are safe and avoid accidents for the elderly without assistance Or sudden death. The advantages of this device are: no radiation, harmless to the human body; the elderly do not need any operation.

Fall alarm

This new product has two major functions: one is a fall alarm when the elderly accidentally falls, the system can immediately detect and automatically alarm; the second is an emergency alarm if there is no activity for the elderly, if there is no sign of activity for a long time, the alarm can send out a warning message.

Global eye
The authorized person can observe the situation of the elderly through the Internet through the computer and mobile phone within 24 hours.
At present, these technology-assisted old and new products have been piloted in some districts and will be promoted throughout China in August. Old people can apply for use.

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